Deleting a Folder or Album

1) To delete a folder or album, open the Folder & Album Structure.

2) Choose the parent folder that contains the folder or album to be deleted.

3) Choose the thumbnail of the folder or album and click the trash can icon in the lower-right corner of the thumbnail.

4) A window will ask to confirm the deletion. Select Yes to delete the folder or album.

Deleting a folder will delete all its subfolders and albums but none of its assets. Those assets will become unassigned and fall in the Unassigned folder of your Folder Tree after the deletion and would need to be deleted manually. 

You can recover deleted folders and albums by going into the Trash Bin and restoring them. Folders and albums will be restored to where they were initially located within your folder structure. When albums and folders are restored, assets that were previously located in there will be included back into the albums. 

See the following link for more information on the Trash Bin.

Note: If yoou do not see the Trash Bin, please contact your admin as you may not have the necessary permissions to delete files.

Deleting Folders or Albums Along With Assets

You can also remove an Album or Folder with all of its assets as well. 

1) To do this, select the desired Folder or Album and click the Remove All icon located at the upper-right hand corner. 

2) The following dialog box will appear. Click Yes and you're all set!